From Parents

“Before the program my teenage son thought he knew it all. He would argue with me about almost everything. Since this program my son has changed so much. He has figured out his priorities and what is important Eric no longer disrespects me in any way Has learned to have self esteem His grades have improved – made student on the quarter out of 1500 students Does his chores without any grief NO longer talks back to me. Eric no longer argues with me This program has made such an impact in our lives and I thank Tom for saving my son.”

Roseline, Parent

“This program has helped my son face up to his actions. He is learning to understand and accept the consequences of his choices. He now owns his reality.”

Sue, Parent

From Social Workers

“The RESPECT program has offered my son, Aaron, as well as my family the ability to better understand the situation that we had gone through. We are able to take the problems and work on them in smaller pieces, opposed to tackling it head on. The RESPECT program emphasizes the ability one has to make change and control their own behaviors. The program is set up to be strength based and self empowering. The group has also taught my son to not only show empathy and advocacy for himself, but also for others. During a group session Aaron was able to utilize his skills learned in the group and apply them to another who needed support, understating and motivation to continue on his journey of change. Aaron showed great respect for the other member and demanded that the group do the same. Empathy was not a skill that Aaron displayed often. To hear that he had not only understood, but was able to put into practice was so rewarding to us. As a LCSW myself, I have been able to use the concepts in the work I do in my own practice. The program is really about taking responsibility and not allowing you to stay in the victim or offender role, but to make change. After all, isn’t that what we all need in our lives; the ability to control our lives and make change and to feel positive about that. This group has been successful for my son and our family and I would recommend it to others.”

Tracey, Social Worker

“As a social worker who provides services to troubled boys I have found the RESPECT program developed by Tom Keating to be an invaluable resource for youth with whom I work. Through a 7-step, multi-sensory treatment model in group process, boys gain insight into how their trauma history ahs impacted their life now. They acquire the skills to avoid reoffending and build self-esteem as they learn to respect themselves and others. The RESPECT Bow is a concrete active means to break the ice in group. The writing assignments give the youth a means to reflect and process their offense. I have found the group facilitators to be professional, approachable and well trained to work with such a challenging population, often misunderstood and maligned by society. The RESPECT program provides the necessary treatment to educate and rehabilitate sexual offender youth.”

Linda, Social Worker