The RESPECT® program is a comprehensive intervention system of treatment that requires guidance to be administered. Tom Keating is located in Fitchburg Mass but will also present the Program to any locations in Worcester, Central Mass and all of New England. He  has made the following materials available to support the Program. To order your copies of any of the following please fill out the easy form on the contact page.


The RESPECT® Manual series will be available winter 2011 in two specific applications. It is to be used as a flexible-clinical model easily transferable for use by family members, residential workers and others in a client’s community to ensure consistent treatment.

1) Professional Manual (“How To” workbook & CD) for use with clients – includes workbooks & CD for each client in program(Read the Publisher’s note and author’s  Introduction-2010)

2) Student Workbook (“How To” workbook & CD) for use with students – includes workbooks & CD for each student in program.

Tools of RESPECT®:

Package includes: “Trust is Freedom” CD, workbooks, RESPECT® T-shirts, hats and beads They are concrete, definable, and observable for acknowledging the reaching of measurable goals (To be presented to clients when goals have been attained). For more information, please contact us.


* Now available : Copies of articles published by Tom Keating and other related presentations from international and regional conferences.