RESPECT: Professional Manual

Few approaches to sex offender management/treatment attempt to be transformative, choosing instead to teach skills, change thinking and manage behaviors. But Tom Keating has chosen to challenge his clients not only to manage themselves but to transform the way they approach life. RESPECT is both a philosophy of living and a very specific set of exercises and approaches to help youth who have abused move to abuse-free lives. This is not a “manual”, albeit there are specific steps in the process.

To make RESPECT work, the clinician using the approach must have integrated its principles as deeply as his/her clients. RESPECT begins with a “bow”, a simple gesture with profound meaning, as recognized in every martial arts tradition. RESPECT is action, and integrity, a “way” to finding SELF and in the journey learning to RESPECT another and live without abusing. RESPECT is seven steps, that integrate elements of Relapse Prevention, Thinking Errors work and mulit-sensory and brain-based approaches to learning. RESPECT has helped young people both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Clinician’s Manual and the Student Workbook with CD help both practitioner and client embark on this journey together. As the author states in his preface: I hope that this work will convey the essence of RESPECT to you, and I bow to you in mutual RESPECT for the invaluable work that you are doing.

Price: $39