Respect—you Know when you are giving it and you know when you are not—you know when you are getting it and you know when you are not. Respect is personal. You already have at the information you need.

RESPECT simply introduces YOU to yourself.
• You can’t say the word. -respect,” and expect to get it.
• You can’t just think about respect to get it.
• You can smell, taste, touch, hear and see respect but what you see is not always what you get.

Respect is an action – something you do one moment at a time—every time.
Respect is thinking BEFORE you act. Respect is always right NOW because now is all you’ve got—always.
You have to GIVE respect away to get it.

STAND is the action you and your RESPECT community will choose, to make a STAND for yourself and each other every time we meet.

BEGIN by giving respect to each other by doing the RESPECT Bow.

TRUST IS FREEDOM is our goal and solution. At the beginning and end of each individual, group, family, and any other kind of session involving the RESPECT program you will be asked to STAND. BEGIN. And DO the RESPECT Bow. You can refuse to do the RESPECT Bow Respect is always an action and something you choose.