About Respect

The name for the program, RESPECT®, is an acronym that represents each step a client must take in his profound and powerful struggle to transcend the scars of his life on the journey back to trust in himself, and trust received from the community.

RESPECT® is an easy to use relapse prevention treatment for individuals with developmental delay, mental illness and physical challenges who sexually offend. Documentation and articles by clinician Tom Keating, founder of the program, from Fitchburg Massachusetts, has been published in Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality, Sex Offender Treatment, Biopsychosocial Perspectives; and has been presented in 1998, at The World Congress On Violence in Caracas, Venezuela.

RESPECT® is a 7-step treatment system that relies on concrete, repetitive interventions involving kinesthetic actions that can be activated with one word. The system addresses issues of denial, empathy for the victim, and low self-esteem through group interaction. It also helps the client incorporate a plan that helps him dynamically evaluate changes in behavior as progress and skills are learned. The client gradually develops an internalized system of responsible behavioral choices that eventually empower him to trust himself to behave appropriately out in the community.

The program is now being used to treat adolescent females diagnosed with conduct disorder and bullying and works toward the development of self-worth.

This evidence-based program is:

  • Behavioral-cognitive
  • Multi-sensory accelerated learning
  • Intrinsic
  • Multi-systemic
  • Solution focused
  • Martial arts related

“Multi-sensory learners deliberately engage all their senses as they learn. Since we have a separate memory for what we see, what we hear,and what we do, the deliberate combination of all our senses makes for highly efficient learning.”