Looking for an evidence-based system that will help modify the behavior and thinking patterns of individuals with conduct disorder and other behavioral challenges?


It addresses issues of resistance, denial, and empathy for the victim with plan development and evaluation. It’s available at your location in Central Mass, or anywhere in New England. It’s called RESPECT®. Based in the Fitchburg and Worcester Massachusetts area, the Program has gained national and international recognition for it’s success in treating difficult cases and known for building a bridge to challenging adults and teens that act out sexually.
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The concepts are easily transferable to a multitude of situations encountered in any community dealing with bullying and conduct disorder. A “Trust is Freedom” CD with specific homework to introduce individuals to the RESPECT ® system is now available. Workbook manuals for both adults and adolescents have been developed. Consultation and workshops with Tom Keating founder and creator of the program are also available. Find out more about the program now.
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“Before the program my teenage son thought he knew it all. He would argue with me about almost everything. Since this program my son has changed so much. He has figured out his priorities and what is important Eric no longer disrespects me in any way Has learned to have self esteem His grades have improved – made student on the quarter out of 1500 students Does his chores without any grief NO longer talks back to me. Eric no longer argues with me This program has made such an impact in our lives and I thank Tom for saving my son.”

Roseline, Parent

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